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Message by  Lavish Dine Management

Welcome to the official website of Lavish Dine Restaurants in Karachi and Islamabad. We are glad that you’ve taken the time to visit us and we are certain that the information provided on this website will give you a positive impression of us.

We are well aware of the fact that in order to succeed, restaurants must provide quality food to its customers, with courtesy and in the shortest possible time, while exceeding customer expectations. Therefore, since our humble start in the industry of restaurants and catering services in 1987 in Karachi, we have always strived hard to stand to our principles of providing quality food in best courteous manners. After almost 3 decades of serving in the industry, today we feel that Allah Subhana Ta’la, has accepted our efforts and has placed us in the arena of fine dining restaurants.

We assure you that we shall always try harder to go beyond the expectations of our valued customer.               Management


Our Introduction

“Eating is a necessity but cooking is an art”

Food preparation is an art. Some recipes can make a dish that is delicious while another recipe can make the same dish distasteful. At Lavish Dine, we know the art of food preparation & always chose the best ingredients and spices to prepare any recipe in our kitchens.

“Cleanliness is next to Godliness”

A good restaurant must practice cleanliness at all times, not only in the dining areas but also in the kitchen and work spaces. Special care must be given to cooking utensils, tools and raw materials which are used for cooking as they should always be thoroughly cleaned and wiped. We, at Lavish Dine, give special care towards cleanliness and hygiene.

“One customer well taken care of could be more valuable than thousands rupees worth of advertising “

A good restaurant always provides excellent service to its customers, in order to ensure that they visit again and remain loyal patrons. A meal is enjoyable only when it is tasteful and also served with tasteful conduct. We give high importance in this respect and our employees are well-mannered and attentive to details.

“Price is what you pay – value is what you get”

Normally customers have their own price in mind for the food and drinks they order and level of service they receive. A good restaurant should charge reasonable prices for food and drinks in order to satisfy customers. Therefore, our pricing mechanism is not based on marketing factor but on providing customers with value.